Burlap Heart Wreath

Hello there my lovelies:-D I hope you all are doing well recovering from the holiday clean up. When I took all my Christmas decor down, my house looked so blank! I got out my one, lonely, little tote of Valentine’s decorations and realized I needed to get busy-like ASAP!! A heart and love filled list quickly ensued. Thank goodness for all the sweet inspiration on Pinterest. Thank you so much Pinterest people!

Here’s an easy and quick door wreath to welcome Valentine’s Day.

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All you need is a wire hanger and some strips of burlap. I added a cloth bow and placed it on a painted antique frame. You could probably use cloth instead of burlap, but you’d have to cut tiny little x’s where the wire would go through.

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I figured out it is easier to fold the burlap strips before pushing the wire through it.

beginning of 2013 048I used real burlap bags because I like the frayed looking edges.                                                My husband used heavy duty wire cutters to cut the hanger part off and I bent it into a heart shape.

beginning of 2013 050

I have many, many projects on my list. If you’d like to check out my inspirational “Valentine Love” Pinterest board, go click on my “Follow Me on Pinterest” button on my side bar. I’ll be attempting several of those things. Join me and let me know how your projects turn out.

Until then then, Lots o Love&Hugs sent your way!                                                 XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

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  1. Jody Gabara says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this creative burlap heart wreath at Simple & Sweet Fridays! Just perfect for Valentine’s!


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